How Do I Fix My Landscape Lights?

The 1st concern you need to inquire your own self is why may not be my lights working? I completely understand just how crazy this seems to ask: there’s a great chance if your lights weren’t working, you definitely would not be here reviewing this right now. The best point to do, particularly if you are not experienced at this type of repair you can select
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Nevertheless, wit me for a moment: reflect to when you to begin with observed a concern with your lights body. Have you had work performed around your building just recently? Was your landscaper working in the yard the day prior to you initially observed your illuminations quit working?

At times the factor a lights system experiences concerns may be a straight domino effect from job that’s been actually carried out around your home. I have two instances from times I’ve personally found this happen to our clients.

Pathway illumination just before course after

Example 1: Just recently, a client I was actually supporting had 2 lightings that weren’t working. It ended up that a cable run was ruined by their plant extraction company. A well-known tree had actually been actually lowered and also when the sizable stub was ground out the yard lighting fixtures cable came into contact by the grinder. A sincere oversight that our company tech simply treated for our customer.

Example 2: Afterward someone phoned our team given that the downlight over their return patio had walked out. When our company investigated, it had appeared the cords to this light had actually been cleanly cut as well as completely gotten rid of. Our company talked to the owner if he understood anything about why his cable was actually missing out on. Ended up he had actually just possessed brand-new heat energy strip put up for his roofline the full week in the past. By chance, the handyman that performed the heat energy tape had eliminated as well as entirely eliminated our cables instead of operating around them. Our team proceeded as well as operated brand new wire for him and also it working once more.

I know, annoying. But the good news is these form of issues are actually fairly easy for a low-voltage lights expert to troubleshoot and also fix when contrasted to bigger concerns our team have actually seen with some lighting bodies on the market our experts failed to put in.

Greater Concerns.

If you do not simply possess a lighting or more out, if your unit has actually tons of exposed wire, if most of your installations are cracked or rusted, after that our experts are speaking about a something totally various. Our team are actually speaking about something that can not be merely repaired with the wave of a magic wand.

When a body is actually created from inadequate components as well as certainly not crafted appropriately, it is actually set up for failure. It is actually one thing our team regrettably see often at that point our experts will such as.

Don’t get me inappropriate.

Along with a staff of professional lighting professionals, it is 100% possible to get a decrepit lighting unit operating once more. The real concern is regardless if it’s worth having a great deal of pricey work carried out if the work can’t be actually warrantied as well as if you might locate yourself back where you started a year eventually.

Exactly how Do You Know What Defining Your Device Is In?

Listed here are actually some points to seek when attempting to self-evaluate what condition your device remains in.


When your fixtures are actually wrecked or in significant decay, it must be actually pretty noticeable. Are actually the top hats to your pathway illuminations broken short? Are actually the posts to any of your path illuminations bent? Are any type of ground posts broke or damaged are your lights laying on the ground/ do your lightings need aid to rise directly? Perform some installations spin in place when you attempt to reseat them to their ground concern? Are any sort of components seeping or even full of water? Carry out any fixtures seem like they are actually flaking & oxidized? Are a number of your directional up illuminations 50% of buried in mulch? Do your fittings appear like they are actually expected to?A

If you possess complex installations after that it is actually practically assured they are actually visiting stop working. Plastic only doesn’t stand up well in the outdoors. The fixtures our experts observe break down and also stop working the most are consistently developed coming from aluminum and composite.

It may be hard to become unprejudiced when you are close to your unit and also observe it every day. Yet if things don’t seem like they are meant to, if traits look cracked as well as wrecked, at that point you may desire consider your other alternatives.


Cord could be a little bit more difficult to examine given that it is actually hidden underground. Yet if your fittings all appear broken as well as corroded, after that why presume that your cable is visiting be in far better design?

More often than not, the cable will definitely be revealed in various locations in a body that remains in rough design. Additionally, there could be frayed/cut cables concealed underground.Damaged cord.

Cord hookups are actually the weakest aspect in any given garden lights unit. If the links may not be waterproof (greased cord almonds may not be water-resistant), then the cable will possess been actually presented to moisture. Not good.


The transformer, package that powers your lighting unit as well as converts your 120v to 12v, tend to become pretty reliable.

Having said that, we have actually observed transformers in much older bodies that have fully and completely neglected. When a transformer falls short, there is no restoring it. It is going to simply need to become changed.

Is it Opportunity to Replace?

Often fixing a yard illumination unit could be done promptly as well as properly when it is actually only a lighting or more out. But when the whole entire illumination body is actually primarily flawed as well as set up for breakdown, the only way to fix your garden illuminations, definitely fix them, it to substitute your unit along with a brand-new one that is actually developed to last.

Garden lighting bodies need frequent treatment a maintenance. The exterior atmosphere is an unmerciful area for your lights body. If it isn’t took care of or if it is actually enabled to fall under decay, then mending it could be like placing band aids on bullet openings: it might help momentarily, but you’ll merely wind up back where you started.

If your lighting fixtures unit is dropping apart/in a state of disrepair, don’t allow it acquire you down. Make an effort looking at it as an option to begin again and have your body carried out the proper way.

Individuals along with premium lights bodies that are actually developed to last for the years to follow. With our lifetime manufacturer’s warranty as well as wonderful concepts, our team set people up for a successful experience.

Yard Lighting Fixtures Creates All the Distinction.

The art of outside lighting is actually a true enthusiasm our team function to ideal. Designing elegantly bespoke landscape illumination bodies is merely all our team carry out. For over 15 years, our award gaining crew of developers as well as craftsmen have tried to carry the very best outside lighting adventure achievable to people’s houses and also organisations across the Wasatch Front and past.

Found in Midvale, Landscape Lighting Fixtures sets up, keeps, and also fixings igniting devices throughout suburbs.